Sweatcoin App Review

Sweatcoin App displayed on iPhone XS

People seem to need an incentive to get fit. The changes in physical appearance and mood should be more than enough incentive for anyone to get healthy but that isn't the case apparently. Sweatcoin attempts to incentivize. They offer to pay you what they claim to be cryptocurrency for outdoor physical activity. When you have enough currency, you can spend it on rewards. Which is where this whole idea falls apart like cheap workout gear.

The Truth

The cryptocurrency you earn simply buys you discounts on things that you've never heard of, and like most discounts require minimum order amounts. The only way to redeem currency for actual things is by saving up 20,000 sweatcoin, which can get you an iPhone X. It would take the average person years to acquire that many sweatcoins.


In the end, the only true financial reward for being active is fewer visits to doctors and medical bills. If you are already active, outdoorsy, and would like to earn some discounts on new things, download sweatcoin.