KonMari for your digital space

Images ©KonMari Media Inc.

Images ©KonMari Media Inc.

Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm, teaching everyone how to effectively tidy up. She has only tackled our analog spaces though. What about our digital spaces? Thats where this article by Chris Taylor on Mashable comes in, find it here. They adapted Mari Kondo's tidying up method for digital clutter. Taking her "Does it spark joy?" and applying it to apps. I did it myself and it made a big difference.

Removes Unnecessary Apps

I guarantee that you have apps on your devices which you thought were a good idea to download, but haven't used. It's time to purge them. The original article outlines the steps in finding out when each app was last used (hint: it's in Settings). So give the article a read, and get to tidying. I recommend doing this on all your devices, including your computer.

Frees Up Space

Now that iPhones cost four figures, space is at more of a premium than ever. The removal of apps which don't spark joy will add up to additional gigabytes of storage.


We spend a lot of time in our digital spaces and these spaces deserve a tidying up as well. I recommend reading the article and giving it a try.