I'm not waiting for the iPhone X

When iPhone X was revealed, like many, I said "thats the iPhone I'm getting". A large number of people are holding out for it. I was with them until I started to question why. I really started questioning the wait when the predicted amount of handsets that would be available was low and only got lower as weeks went on. Apple's manufacturers are having difficulties building components for Face ID in a fast enough manor. So I decided not to wait after considering a few factors. 

Nearly Everything Is The Same

The specs of both iPhone 8 and X are nearly identical. The Plus even gets the fancy new portrait lighting software and wireless charging. So why wait for something that you can get now? Next years iPhone will have the same exterior as iPhone X. Not to mention that the S models always seem to be better anyway. One can argue that Face ID is reason to wait, except...

Face ID Isn’t Going Anywhere

Apple killed Touch ID with iPhone X and introduced facial recognition instead. Called Face ID. Is it cool? Hell yes. Is it worth waiting for? No. It’ll be on next years iPhone. It’ll be better and faster than on iPhone X. Besides, I would imagine that there might be a few kinks to work out before it works as advertised. 

AT&T NEXT Every Year

I have AT&T NEXT Every Year. So I get a new phone… every year. Whatever phone I get, I get a new one next year. Which makes waiting for a phone sort of pointless, I can the iPhone XS.

Waiting Throws Off Next Years Upgrade

With AT&T Next Every Year, after paying for a phone for 12 months, you can trade it in. If I waited for iPhone X, I could potentially receive it in January or February. Which means I’d have to wait 12 months from then to get a new phone. I'd have to wait until 2019 to get the 2018 phone. Or I could pay a few hundred dollars extra and upgrade early. Which isn’t worth it.