Drop App Review

Earn With Drop

Credit cards with rewards programs or cash back are pretty much standard. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. Whether you have a card with a rewards program or not though, you can get rewards with Drop. An app which rewards you for purchases, just like a card rewards program. So stick with your basic card and get rewards, or double dip and do both with your rewards card.

What is Drop

Drop is a mobile app which gives you points for purchases and the ability to redeem points for gift cards. There by allowing you to get rewards from your credit card company AND from drop. 

It’s Actually Quite Simple

All you have to do is select stores which you shop at and link a card. Every time you make a purchase at a selected store, you earn points. 

Point System

With Drop you earn more points on purchases than you do with a card reward program. The points also aren’t set. Some stores have more points per dollar spent. For instance, if you shop at Walgreens, you earn 8 points per $1. If you shop at Starbucks, you make 12 points per $1. 1,000 points is the equivalent to $1.00. You need at least 5,000 points to redeem for a gift card.

Gift Card Selection

Gift card options are plentiful, Starbucks, Barns & Noble, Whole Foods, and many more are all available. Some require more points than others, but that means the gift card is for a higher amount. 


Drop is a great way to earn extra on top of your rewards credit card while doing something you’re going to do anyway. Even if you don't have a card with a rewards program, you can make using your current card more worth while.

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