Tools to optimize your travel

Tools to optimize travel

We all aspire to see more of the world. Traveling abroad can be slightly more hectic and you should be as organized as possible. I'm obsessed with organization so I gave travel efficiency some thought. Below are some helpful tools to make traveling easier and more efficient.

Tile Tracker

There is nothing worst than loosing a piece of luggage while  traveling. With a tile tracker you can rest easy, unless you would rather handcuff your suitcase to your wrist. Tile isn't just for luggage though, you could add one to your passport wallet, your fanny pack, or anything else you wouldn't want to lose.

Native Union 4 port charger

You probably have at least 2 things to charge, your significant other or travel companion most likely has 2 also. Be the hero the next time they forget their charger and have this 4 port charger handy.

Cocoon Grid-it

This grid of elastic bands can accommodate all sorts of small accessories and simplifies the inside of your bag. No need to dig for your phone charger, no more misplaces headphones, no lost lip balm.

Mophie Battery Pack

You went a little too crazy with your instagram story and now you're phone is at 9% and you're still out and about enjoying the sights, with a battery pack like this one from Mophie, you can stay out longer and stay connected.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

With a travel coffee maker, you can reduce expenses while still enjoying a good cup of coffee in the morning. The Aeropress is compact and efficient.