Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Preventing Digital Eye Strain

There is no question that digital eye strain exists, its subtle and effects a lot of people. 60.5% of adults experience symptoms of digital eye strain, also called Computer Vision Syndrome. Unless you live screen free, you're susceptible to it. Here are the symptoms and solutions to alleviate it or hopefully prevent it.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain:

  1. eyestrain
  2. headaches
  3. blurred vision
  4. dry eyes
  5. neck and shoulder pain

Eye Strain Solutions:

  1. Make use of the 20-20-20 method take 20 seconds to view something 20 feet away, every 20 minutes.
  2. Eradicate screen glare with less overhead lighting
  3. Increase the distance between your eyes and the screen, Keep it at arms length. Probably the most difficult rule to follow.
  4. Enlarge text on the screen
  5. Get your eyes checked. Uncorrected vision problems can make these symptoms worse.
  6. Wear blue light blocking glasses

Lensabl Review

For the past 2 years I've been fussing over eyeglasses. First I bought a pair of Cole Haan frames and hated them so so so much. It was semi impulsive, and also partly not really getting a good feel for them since I'm in my optometrists office. The next year, my optometrist offered me free Ray-Ban frames and so I jumped at it. This time I felt pressured by my own stupidity that I NEEDED to pick from a very small selection. I ended up regretting that choice too. They ended up being too wide and kept slipping down my face. So I took matters into my own hands. I couldn't buy more from my optometrist since my vision insurance only covers the cost of one pair per year. 

On this quest to find new glasses I tried Warby Parker. I did their home try on program. The glasses were ok but weren't exactly the look I was going for. They seem to be of a comparable quality as Luxotica brands but just the looks I wasn't feeling. So I learned about a company called Lensabl via a Facebook ad. They seem to very much be a competitor to Warby Parker, in a way. They don't sell frames though. They just make lenses. Which is sort of an advantage, Maybe one doesn't want new frames. Maybe they are happy with their frames but need updated lenses and don't want to pay the huge price by going through an optometrist. Or maybe you just prefer to purchase from internet based companies. 

What's Lensabl?

Lensabl is an online prescription lens manufacturer. They take the same approach as Harrys and Warby Parker. Except with lenses for your glasses. With the absence of optometrist networks, insurance, and sales quotas, they deliver good quality lenses at a much lower price. They also offer more options than traditional labs who contract with optometrists. They can do prescription and non prescription glasses, bi-focals, they even have lenses that block blue light from device screens. 

The Ordering Process

Step 1: Get your subscription from your optometrist if you don't already have it

Step 2: Head over to and select your lenses and preferences and order what you want. 

Step 3: Place your frames in the Lensabl box they send you. It should be obvious that you will need to have a second pair of glasses or this isn't going work.

Note: Shipping is included. 

Step 4: Have fancy new lenses placed in your frames and get them sent back to you. 

Step 5: Marvel at the clarity of your new lenses.

The Quality

Lensabl's lenses are really good quality. I can only compare them to the lab that my optometrist uses so it might be different for you. For me though, There is a major difference between my prescription sunglasses and my glasses with Lensabl lenses. The Lensabl ones are much more sharp and have a lot better clarity thanks to the coatings they apply. My optometrists lab only does a polarization coating.


If you already have some frames you really like, want to buy some frames, or just want to try out prescription glasses from the 21st century, I recommend Lensabl. I will be swapping my sunglass lenses out for Lensabl ones in the near future. 

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