Herschel Supply Trade Carry-On Luggage Review

For almost a year I was using an Everlane Twill Weekender duffle bag. It's a pretty good bag overall. Though, I became curious how well a piece of wheeled luggage would work. Whether a hard shell and wheels would make for a better travel experience. Plus admittedly I was slightly envious when at the airport…trekking to my gate with fatigued arms and hands from a heavy bag while most other travelers are rolling around a bag with ease. So I got one for myself, a Herschel Supply Trade Carry-on suitcase. I have some thoughts.


I found that there were a lot of options for rolling suitcases. They all vary in price, many on Amazon are from brands that I've never heard of and felt that to purchase one of those would me a bit of a hassle should I not like it. After examining the range of wheeled hard shell carry on luggage, I went sort of in the lower middle and bought the Trade Carry-On from Herschel Supply. Compared to other millennial focused brands, the Trade is fairly affordable at $149.99.

Aesthetically Pleasing

I made the bold choice of purchasing white. Which is one of only a few color ways offered by Herschel. I liked white because I don’t think I’ve ever seen bright white luggage before. I figure if my bag becomes lost or something it would be easy to spot. The exterior texture is nice, the pattern (vertical indentations) is simple and looks better than many of the other offerings.

Build Quality

The most noticeable thing for me is a slight lack of sturdiness in the telescoping handle. It's a bit wobbly. Next is the wheels, they are quiet which is nice. There are also 4 which I like (I HATE two wheeled luggage). However this team of four have difficulty getting over some transitions. Maybe this is all suitcases but on the jetway, and even a few diamond plated floor covers the suitcase would fall behind me and eventually tip as I was pulling. These are very minor issues though. These are small design flaws.


Despite the Trade Carry-On's minor flaws, it is a good choice for the occasional traveler who want a simple, aesthetically pleasing hard shell carry on.