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Spectacle Essentials

3 things glasses own.png

As you know, glasses have some upkeep.  A few accessories are needed to keep those specs as functional as possible.  I rounded up a short list of nifty accessories every eyeglass wearer needs to own.  To make it even better, the accessories mentioned ship via Amazon Prime.


Peace out slipping glasses.  Nerdwax is here to save the day.  An obvious play off the surfboard wax, Sex Wax.  But combined with the nerd stereotype which glasses once signified.  This wax keeps your glasses from slipping, it's safe for your skin, cheap, and super functional.

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Not all of use wear glasses 24/7, some where them only when necessary.  For those who are occasional wearers of cheaters at work, this magnetic holder is genius.  No more hanging them off your collar, no more putting them in a pocket to be dropped or sat on.  Now they can be ready at will.

4-In-1 Repair Tool

The screws on your hinges can get loose sometimes.  You might already have a repair kit at home, but what if you aren't home?   What if a screw comes completely out on your trek home? This handy little tool is there when you need it.  Small and light, you can keep it in your bag or with your keys and is there when necessary.