Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

Buying a mattress is cool now. I won't bore you with over told tales that our parents have told us about buying a mattress. It's 2018 and you now have tons of options...too many options probably. I spent 6 months doing research on these bed-in-a-box mattresses. I examined Casper, Leesa, Primary, etc. Pricing for a queen ranges from $399 all the way up to $1,800 for one. A huge difference while differing in quality and essentially being the same. A big foam rectangle, rolled up in a box. Though, one brand stood out to me—not because of bells, whistles, or buzz words, but because of its simplicity. I'm referring to Cocoon by Sealy. Besides simple branding, and mid range pricing it offers a sense of familiarity.

New & Familiar

During my research I always had a looming sense of anxiety. What if the mattress I get is crap? What if this turns into an overwhelming and time consuming endeavor? They do all have a trial periods which is very convenient. My worry wasn't about that though. I was nervous about the logistics. Repackaging the crappy mattress, storing my old mattress just in case I have to switch back temporarily. Just the amount of work involved, and the possibility of doing it multiple times if I make a few bad mattress choices. For some reason, I felt different towards Cocoon. Probably because I already had a Sealy mattress. So I knew what I was getting, if you order a Casper Wave, you see pretty graphics of all the layers, but you have no idea if it’s going to suit you. You may hate it. Then queue hectic logistics.

The Good

Cocoon is 10 inches thick which seems to be a good thickness. I read about some thinner mattresses causing users to "bottom out" and basically feel the slats or platform underneath the mattress. Something which I didn't experience with Cocoon. The mattress is a perfect amount of soft, you don't sink in deeply but you also don't feel like you're "on top of the bed". Setup for the mattress is very simple. Transporting the mattress is quite easy, too. I was expecting it to be cumbersome but it wasn't. Once removed from its plastic sleeve, the mattress quickly takes shape. The exterior cover is of a nice quality and doesn't feel cheap. The embroidered pattern of the cover also gives it some texture and dimension which is oddly satisfying.

The Bad

The box it comes in is black and the ink rubs off easily. I realized this before placing it in my car which has beige interior. The off gassing smell that the mattress has right out of the box is a bit pungent. The documentation that accompanies the mattress it says its ready for sleep within 30 minutes of fully expanding. They don't take into consideration the smell apparently. I recommend opening it before you go to work and it should be good to go when you come home. It’s worth noting that off gassing is standard for bed-in-a-box mattresses.


Cocoon by Sealy is a great mattress. It’s designed by a company with 137 years of experience. It is comfortable and simple. If you are nervous about what you’re going to get, Cocoon is for you. If you can’t justify the cost of a Leesa, Casper, etc then buy Cocoon. Especially since you can save $100 with the link below.