Lifestyle Design Part II - Minimal Wardrobe

📸//Mark Zuckerberg

📸//Mark Zuckerberg

Do a Google image search of Mark Zuckerberg, and what do you see? Besides a handsome young billionaire you’ll find a guy who wears the same thing every day. A Grey t-shirt, denim jeans, and maybe a plum colored hoody on a cold day. This has been covered and explained before. Zuckerberg isn’t the only one who's known for wearing the same look day after day. But what doesn’t seem to get mentioned is that this seemingly boring topic of the same attire everyday is minimalism.

There are tons of sites that talk about the minimalist wardrobe and how to pair down your closet and still be fashionable. How to maintain variety yet still not own a lot of clothes being a hot topic. That’s cool and all, but not very minimalist. You own less clothes but are still spending time putting outfits together. Or at the very least wasting time deciding WHICH outfit to wear. So why not wear the same look every day? Though, we don’t mean literally the same shirt and pants, every single day. Instead, pick out a look that fits you, your profession, and lifestyle. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and buy enough of the same shirt and pants to wear every day of the week.

Sure to it may sound dull to some, but to the individuals that value efficiency here is what minimalism can provide. One, You’ll need less time to get ready. Secondly, you won’t need to think about what you’re going to wear. A more streamlined morning routine will result in a happier start to your day. If you really can’t get behind wearing the same colors every day, pick a variety of different colors of the same shirt, and that all can match your pants. That way you can have variety yet still not have to think about what to wear.