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Sleeping Space Redesign

After years of the same furniture my parents bought me as a teen, I felt it was time for a revamp. An embracing of my adulthood of sorts. I went from drab mattress on a steel bed frame surrounded by mission style furniture to a minimal, Scandinavian sleeping space. Exposed wood and a neutral color scheme was the bases for a peaceful space. With the addition of a few accoutrements to finish of the look. 


If you haven’t heard, IKEA and HAY did a collaborative collection. To not include at least one piece in this new redesign would have been a crime. Sadly, at least at the time of this writing only a small selection is available for order online. The limited selection didn’t matter, I got one of the best pieces in the collection. The Ypperlig coffee table, times 2. Yes, technically a coffee table but works great as a simple nightstand too. The black metal table top is a beautiful contrast to the soft light wood frame and legs.

Cocoon by Sealy

This redesign was 6 months in the making and revolved around purchasing a new mattress. It was definitely time for a new one and spurred the idea for an all new bedroom. I spent many hours researching as I wanted to find the best one. My decision... Cocoon by Sealy. My previous mattress was a Sealy and I loved it. Cocoon was just as comfortable as my old mattress, I love this mattress just as much. I also ordered it during a sale which included a free Chill Pillow. 

A Burst of Color

In amongst all this neutral scenery, there was a lack of color. Everything sort of blended in. I felt like something was missing. So I took out a quilt which belonged to my late grandmother. It was just the thing to really bring everything together. This quilt was made by my grandmothers own two hands. It was something which she kept on her bed. Every time I see it, I’m reminded of good memories, to appreciate craft, to appreciate my life, and to do things which I enjoy. One may think it’s an ugly quilt. I see hard work. Someone I loved dearly spent a great deal of time creating it. She cut every piece of fabric, she sewed each piece together, the result is a something 100% unique.  

Neutral Color Scheme With Contrast

Naturally I go for neutral and this project was no different. The different types of wood are a nice contrast while remaining neutral and the white, and shades of black all play nicely together. The blast of color from my grandmothers quilt is a cornerstone of the look of them room. 

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