A portrait of Andrew J Clifton

A person who can be summed up as loving aesthetics, flowers, and simplicity, Andrew has a broad range of interests and skills. Each skill builds upon the others. Andrew is self-taught in graphic design, web design, SEO, social media marketing, and photography. Additionally, he holds interests in cars, architecture, interior design, science, health, and business.


An area which Andrew didn’t specifically pursue, but stumbled upon and has been fond of ever since. A teacher in middle school was the reason for him stumbling upon design, and Andrew is forever grateful. Whether he is admiring and day dreaming of architecture and interior design; building custom websites; or working in Adobe programs, there is no question that Andrew lives for design.


Andrew has been doing photography since his middle school days as well. Though mostly a hobby, Andrew finds peace in visually documenting nature’s beauty and capturing the world from his perspective.


The day you stop learning is the day you get old and die. Curious by nature, Andrew spends spare moments googling random facts, reading extensively on nearly any topic, and asking ultra specific questions, questions only he would bother asking.


Andrew is very particular with color. Each aspect of his life can be summed up with a color, clothing is navy, tech is black, interiors are bright and white. He's not strictly neutral though, he can definitely enjoy and embrace colorways like teal, scarlet red, and orange…just in moderation.